Apply For Funding

How to apply for funding & download our application form

General Eligibility

  • The Trust only provides funding to registered charities and other non-profit organisations.  It does not provide funding to individuals.
  • The Trust only supports projects of benefit to the South West region of the UK and chooses to limit this support to Devon, Cornwall and part of Somerset (TA postcode area only) due to the locations of the original Normans Stores.  It particularly prioritises support to Exeter and East Devon.
  • Due to the wishes of its founders, the Trust will not support any organisation that uses live animals for experimentation or research purposes, regardless of the project requesting funding.
  • The Trust will not support any requests which are religious in nature.  Faith organisations and churches may apply for their community projects/community facilities so long as there’s a clear benefit to the local community and not just to those of a particular faith.

Applying For Funding

The Trustees meet quarterly in March, June, September and December.  A Sub-Committee meets every 6-8 weeks and considers the majority of applications.  It can award grants of up to and including £5,000 each and any applications requesting more than £5,000, from established organisations with a financial track record, may be deferred to the quarterly Trustees’ Meeting if Trustees think that a higher level of support might be appropriate.  Please see our News page for the date of the next Sub Committee meeting and the cut-off date for receipt of applications. 

In order to be fair to all applicants, the Trustees will only consider one application per organisation per financial year unless there are exceptional circumstances, and this is the case for both successful and unsuccessful applications. If you decide to withdraw your application, you can re-apply at any time. The Trust’s financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March.  Please contact the Trust if you are unsure about when you can re-apply.

The vast majority of grants awarded by the Trust are between £500 and £1,000 – see our Facts & Figures page for more information.

Grant Payments

The Trust would like to encourage applicants to use the BACS electronic payment method and it is likely that we will make it compulsory in the future.  However applicants MUST send us proof of your organisation’s bank account details clearly showing the bank name/logo, account name, account number and sort-code. This proof can be a copy of:

  • a paying-in slip
  • a recent bank statement
  • a cancelled cheque

If you have not enclosed this identification with your application and the application is successful, we will either prompt you to send it to us via e-mail or, if time is short, the grant will be paid by cheque.  The Trust is seeking to reduce our use of cheques considerably over the course of the next year.  We ask that all cheques are banked promptly. Any cheques not banked within 2 months will not be re-issued unless there are exceptional circumstances.

How to Apply

All applications must be made using the Trust’s application form.  Occasionally we will make minor changes to the form so please always download the latest version from this web site, rather than re-using an old form you may have saved from a previous application.  The form is available in two formats and can be downloaded via the links below.  Please ensure you have read our Guidelines for Applicants before completing the form.

Please note that the Trust prefers to communicate via e-mail once an initial application has been made. We will acknowledge receipt of an application by e-mail – depending on when we receive your application in our meeting cycle, it may be a few weeks until we log the application on our system and send out an acknowledgement.  If you are concerned about the safe receipt of your application, please feel free to e-mail or call and we can check for you.  We will inform applicants if their application was unsuccessful by e-mail within a day or two of the meeting date (grant offers will be sent via post or e-mail depending on payment method).  

It is possible that such e-mails may enter spam or junk e-mail folders so please do check these before contacting us.

The Trust would like to see your organisation’s most recent accounts when considering your application.  If your organisation is a Registered Charity and your latest accounts are available on the Charity Commission’s web site, you do not need to enclose them with your application.  If you are applying on behalf of a Community Interest Company or other voluntary or non-profit group, please can you enclose your most recent accounts with your application or provide a link to them online.

If you are applying for a capital purchase, such as equipment, a vehicle etc, we would like to see quotes for the item(s) concerned.  It is also very helpful to see a budget when asking for a contribution towards a large project.

If items such as accounts, quotes or budgets are missing when you apply and we feel we need to see them in order to fully consider your application, we will contact you via e-mail to request them.  Please note that this may delay consideration of your application and it may be kept pending until a subsequent meeting.

Please ensure that your application form is signed and dated.  This is now especially important as you are also giving your consent to the Trust  processing your information in accordance with its new Privacy Statement (compliant with GDPR).  If the form is not signed and dated, your application will be put on hold and we’ll get in contact with you.

MS Word Form

1. If you have Microsoft Word (version 2003 onwards) and would like to complete the form on your computer, please download our Application Form Word Version. When completing the form, please replace the text ‘[type here]’ with your own answers.  You may expand the text boxes if necessary.  Once you have completed the form, please keep a copy for your records, post a copy to us along with any supporting documentation required (see note on final page of form) and a covering letter.  In addition, please send proof of the organisation’s bank details for successful grants to be paid by BACS.

PDF Form

2. If you would like to print a paper copy of the application form and complete it by hand or typewriter, please download our Application Form PDF Version. Once you have completed the form, please keep a copy for your records, post a copy to us along with any supporting documentation required (please see note on final page of form) and a covering letter.  In addition, please send proof of the organisation’s bank details for successful grants to be paid by BACS.