Complaints Policy

The Norman Family Charitable Trust is committed to being as transparent as possible, and to working constructively with applicants, grant recipients and others. The Trustees do however understand that disagreements can very occasionally occur. We hope that any such disagreements can be resolved through informal discussions.

If it has not been possible to resolve a dispute in this manner, or if you think it unsuitable, we have a formal process for handling complaints independently of the person with whom you have the dispute.

If you have a complaint that you have been unable to resolve informally, please write to the Chair of the Trustees, who will investigate the matter and propose a resolution. If the complaint concerns the Chair of the Trustees then please address the complaint to the Grants Administrator.  Please write to the address shown on the website and mark as Confidential.

Complaints must be received in writing and must make clear that they are a formal complaint. They will be investigated in confidence, only involving those whose views are necessary to establish what has happened.

The Norman Family Charitable Trust will not consider complaints concerning:

  • The decision about whether or not to offer a grant
  • The amount offered as a grant
  • The specifics of the Trust’s policies and eligibility criteria, which are the proper responsibility of the Trustees
  • The activities of grant holders, which are properly the responsibility of grant holders.

The Trust will send you an acknowledgement within ten working days of receiving your complaint. The matter will be investigated, and a reply sent to you within one month, unless otherwise agreed in formal correspondence.