Monitoring & Evaluation

What happens after a grant is awarded

Monitoring & Evaluation

The Trustees are always interested to receive updates on the progress of work supported by the Trust and also appreciate being able to see photos, if appropriate (please don’t send lots of photos as we don’t have the storage!) We’ll invite a selection of grantees with larger grants, plus those flagged up by the Trustees, to report back on how their grant was spent and the difference it has made to their work.

Please feel free to use our short monitoring form (available to download below) if you would like to send us a report, even if we’ve not specifically invited you to do so. Unfortunately we’re not always able to acknowledge receipt of reports but they do all get read and noted on our system and a selection will be circulated to the Trustees.

It is particularly helpful for organisations to enclose a report when applying again to the Trust a year later so that Trustees can consider this information alongside the new application.

If we invite you to complete a report, a paper copy of the form will usually be sent a few months after the grant offer letter but an electronic version is also available for completion on your computer.  The form is available in MS Word and PDF formats:


Monitoring Form - Word Version

This version of the Monitoring Form can be used in your word processor.  Please complete and return it to the Trust before the anniversary of your grant award.

Monitoring Form - PDF Version

This version of the Monitoring Form can be printed and filled in by hand.  Please complete and return it to the Trust before the anniversary of your grant award.

Sample Monitoring Form

Here is a sample completed form to give you a very rough idea of what we expect to see.

Organisations in receipt of large grants or those who receive regular annual funding may be visited by a Trustee or member of staff. This will give organisations a chance to feedback to us how their grant has been used, how they found the Trust’s application process and discuss any current and future funding needs.


How your information will be used by the Trust

The Norman Family Charitable Trust processes date in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Trust obtains and uses information, including personal data, as part of the process of assessing grant applications and monitoring the use of grants. It will not be used for any additional purpose or disclosed to any third parties without your permission, except for the purpose of determining, preventing or detecting crime, validating the bona fides of contracts or where this is otherwise required by law.

Our contact details for enquiries about how we process your information are:
The Norman Family Charitable Trust, 14 Fore Street, Budleigh Salterton, Devon, EX9 6NG