The next meeting of the Sub Committee (which considers the majority of the Trust’s applications for funding) is on 13th March 2020.  If you would like to your application to be considered at this meeting, we need to have received your application paperwork in the office by 27th February 2020. We’d strongly encourage to you send in your application at the earliest opportunity as it may be necessary to hold some over until the next meeting if we have too many to process at the deadline.  If you’re applying for more than £5,000, it may be that your application is deferred to the next full Trustees’ Meeting (held on a quarterly basis), depending on whether the Trustees feel inclined to consider a larger grant.  We’ll let you know by e-mail if this happens.  If you applied for our Norman Trust 40 Award in 2019, regardless of the outcome, you can still apply for our ongoing programme if you haven’t already done so during the current financial year.

Due to data privacy regulations, we can’t accept any application which hasn’t been signed and dated on the final page of the form.  You can read our Privacy Statement HERE.

The vast majority of the Trust’s grants are in the range £500 – £2,000 and amounts given above this range tend to be for exceptional local projects or to charities that the Trust has a longstanding relationship with.  You can see further information on our Facts & Figures page and also some examples of recent grants in the News section.

The Trust has recently clarified a couple of points regarding eligibility – please note that we will only consider requests for Somerset projects if the beneficiaries (or a significant proportion of beneficiaries) are in the TA postcode area.  Also, the Trust will not support ANY organisation that uses live animals for experimentation or research, regardless of the project requesting funding. 

All applicants will be informed of the outcome of the meeting within a few days of the meeting.  Unsuccessful applicants will receive an e-mail and successful applicants will receive a letter containing a cheque or an e-mail confirming that a grant will be paid via BACS transfer. E -mails are usually sent out before the BACS transfers are made so that you know to expect a bank payment from the Trust.  E-mails from the Trust may end up in your Junk/Spam/Clutter folders so please check before contacting us.

Please note that we prefer to pay all our grants by BACS and cheques will only be issued in exceptional circumstances.