The Trust has a new, additional focus for its funding for the financial year 2017/18.  The Trustees are very much aware of the current financial hardship that local schools are currently experiencing, due to cuts in Government funding.   They are also aware that many other Charitable Trusts do not make grants to schools, and schools do not have the access that Registered Charities have, to other funding streams, such as the general public.  The pressure on parents to support their children’s schools is building at a time when many parents are already stretched themselves.

For these reasons the Trustees would welcome applications from schools in Devon (with a preference for East Devon and Exeter) provided they comply with the following –

  1. The application must be for a grant that would directly benefit the children of that school.
  2. The application needs to be for a stand alone project within the school, (or a contribution towards one) so the Trustees are aware of exactly how the grant will be spent and the progress or success of that project can be quantifiable.  Applications to help with general gaps in the school deficit, or to pay for increases in staff pensions / NIC, will not be considered.
  3. Schools should take note of the data on this website concerning grants made previously and tailor their application accordingly.

Examples of applications encouraged could be to support the following – school libraries, minibuses, sports halls or equipment, outdoor play equipment, text books, music drama and the arts, laboratory equipment.

Applications can be for capital, such as contributing to the cost of a new building, or for core costs such as staffing, provided the conditions above are met.

It will continue to support charities and other non-profit groups whose work benefits those living in the South West, with particular preference for Exeter and/or East Devon.